Customer Spotlight – HOK

HOK Prints Fast

HOK in New York City needed to get thousands of color-printed documents to multiple locations in Germany. Fast. 

HOK, a long-time ARC customer, was just recently introduced to this cloud printing tool. HOK learned that with ishipdocs you can collaborate and distribute then print and deliver printed material anywhere in the world.

For HOK, there was an even more important benefit: agile edits.

A day before the documents needed to be shipped, the team in Germany requested a massive increase in quantity. Over 30,000 A4 prints, 5,000 tabbed dividers, and an extra 240 printed binders were thrown into the mix.

With ishipdocs, the New York team was able to upload the digital files, get them approved, and then send them digitally to an ARC location in Germany for printing and delivery to seven separate locations around Germany.

Everything arrived on time. And the result was at least 25% less expensive than if HOK in New York had printed locally and used international overnight shipping. In addition, ARC handled all the printing, delivery, and bank transfer fees.

With ishipdocs, HOK found a tool to collaborate more efficiently with remote teams. It found a tool that accelerated slow and costly international shipping methods. It found a tool that allows it to spend more time doing what it does best and less time packing boxes, standing at the printer, and filling out forms to send boxes internationally. ishipdocs is that tool.

ishipdocs from ARC helps companies like HOK do more with less.

To find out how ishipdocs can create more time for you to do what you do, get a free trial at


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